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Dean for Graduate School Tang Tao



“Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” is the ever-lasting intention of SUSTech in the journey towards the construction of an international high-level research university. We are longing for the establishment of an important base for major scientific and technical research and the development of top-notch innovative talents in China. We also believe that, by the propagation of doctrines, imparting of professional knowledge and resolving of the unknown, this will be continually built upon by future generations of SUSTech students.

With global ambition, SUSTech plans its structure of colleges and departments with the vision supporting national development. As for setup of colleges and departments, SUSTech, is oriented to major needs for the development of emerging industries of the nation and in Pearl River Delta region. SUSTech consists of 6 colleges, 22 departments, and 24 cross-disciplinary integrated research centers (Institutes) and several graduate schools, establishment of these future-oriented disciplines and research centers will not only provide SUSTech postgraduate students with solid platform of scientific research, but also turn to an innovator and positive wisdom torrent, and ultimately guide China to the right way of social development.



SUSTech Graduate School will adhere to the goal of “Research, innovation and Entrepreneurship”, by:

Engaging in reform and innovation, so as to build postgraduate enrollment mechanism for both Chinese and international students;

Developing scholarship and aid system, so as to sponsor postgraduates and alleviate their financial burdens;

Establishing mechanisms, so as to solicit innovation environment featuring synergy of faculty and postgraduates;

Cooperation of three parties, so as to realize postgraduate evaluation system integrating into the world;

Emphasizing on interdisciplinary development, so as to build coordinated postgraduate curriculum system.



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