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SUSTech is a state-run innovative university led and managed by Guangdong Province, China and it was established with effort of the whole Shenzhen City. SUSTech aims at creating an international high-level research university, and an important base for training of China's major scientific and technological research and top-notch innovative personnel.

Scientific research projects are bases supporting training of high-quality talents and high-level discipline construction, as a newly established university, in 2012, SUSTech began to apply science and technology planning projects, since then, it has assumed a total of 239 projects of the country, Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City, with funds totaling 134 million Yuan, including 2 key research projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation, 1 outstanding youth project supported by National Natural Science Foundation, 1 special project  of Department of International Cooperation, 4 projects of preeminent youth fund of Guangdong Province and 1 peacock team project of Shenzhen City.

Research centers, laboratories and other research platforms are specific assuming institutions of scientific research, and they are the core of academic system of the school. According to the discipline plan of the school, over 26 interdisciplinary research centers will be constructed in different stages, and currently construction of three research centers has started; As the public laboratory platform, Analysis and Testing Center has been built and put into use; at the same time, there are a total of 4 key laboratories of our school approved by Shenzhen under construction.

The scientific research achievement is also an important manifestation of science research strength of a university, in SUSTech, there are a total of 641 academic papers published (including 114 conference papers and 16 academic works); it has won 1 provincial science and technology award, declared 106 patents and been authorized 13 patents.