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Director for Teaching AffairsWang Dejun


The Teaching Department is a functional department of the university serving teaching. It is in charge of planning, organizing, scheduling and coordinating basic building and teaching activities of the university, and assures stable and efficient teaching. It also assesses teaching, supervises and guarantees teaching quality according to standards and codes drafted by the Teaching Guide Commission.


(1) Responsible for preparing the teaching plan, drafting up rules and regulations on teaching management, and researching and determining development plan, majors and regulation opinions on teaching undertaking with involving departments;

(2) Organize colleges (departments) to draft up and implement talent training plans, teaching plans and course teaching guidelines and various teaching rules;

(3) Responsible for teaching and examination affairs of the University, including student registration, implementation of teaching plan, lesson scheduling, use and scheduling of teaching resources and keeping daily teaching order of the University; and responsible for planning, building and management of classrooms, teaching laboratory, teaching instruments and equipment and teaching network resources etc. of the University;

(4) Responsible for managing students’ school roll and transcript (certificates of transcript, diploma and academic background), and carrying out test-free post graduates recommendation and training with involving departments;

(5) Responsible for teaching reform and research of the University, and organizing implementation in teaching; organizing and developing textbook building, lesson building, teaching team building and youth teachers’ teaching competition.

(6) Supervise and guide teaching laboratory building, experiment (practice) teaching of the university, organize and draft professional practice plans, and assist departments in carrying out in school and outschool base building and experience communication. Support organizing competition and innovation for college students;

(7) Responsible for checking, assessing and controlling quality of teaching in the university;

(8) Organize applying, appraising and selecting teaching awards, teaching achievement awards, excellent high-quality textbook award and outstanding lessons of the university etc.  



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